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1.  Open your new Founders Community Bank account(s) – Use our Corporate/Business Account Information Sheet to get the process started, making as many copies as you need. You may either bring the form into the bank or fax it to us first and we will have the forms ready to go when you get here.

2.  Discontinue use of your old checking account(s) – Balance your old account and make sure that enough funds are available to cover your outstanding checks.

3.  Switch your Direct Deposits – Send the following Direct Deposit New/Change Request Form to any direct deposit vendors that you may have including, payroll from your employer, Social Security or other government deposits, Certificate of Deposit or other investment interest payments, Child Support deposits, etc.

4.  Switch your Automatic Payments – Send the following Automatic Payment New/Change Request Form to anyone that you are paying through automatic payment/withdrawal from your account. This may include payments such as: Gas, Electric, Phone, Loans, Mortgages, Child Support, Insurance, etc.

5.  Close your old account – Send the following Close Account Request Form to the financial institution where you are closing your old account. Make sure all checks have cleared and that there is no remaining activity for the account.

You can click on any of the underlined forms above for that specific form, or click here to open and print the entire Switch Kit.
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