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Description of the Business
Legal name
Legal structure
All owners: name, addresses, phone numbers, roles, % owned
Nature of business (specific)
History of business (specific)

Management and Personnel
Key personnel (positions and qualifications)
Management expertise
Professional services
Workforce requirements
Résumés of key personnel
Organizational chart

Products or Services
Describe product lines or types of service
Explain materials and supply sources
Method of production
Quality and cost of product/service
Comparison to competitors' products
Advantage of your product/service
Samples, if applicable
Product literature/brochures, if applicable

Market Information
Market area and trends
Customers and potential new customers
Competitors' names, location and size

Marketing Strategy
Overall strategy
Methods of advertising and promotion
Sales methods
Pricing methods
Terms of sale
Methods of distributing products
Customer service

Business Facilities
Reason for site selection
Age and condition
Expansion opportunities

Benefits to the Community
Existing jobs, by position
Jobs to be created or retained
Rehabilitation to the building
Increased tax base

Summary of Future Plans
Short and long range plans
Note relocation plans
Discuss future expansion

Please do not limit yourself to these suggestions. If you feel that there is additional information, perhaps unique to your business, industry or concept, please include it. This is particularly critical if it will provide us with a more complete understanding of your business.
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