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Q: I would like to transfer my Founders Bancorp shares to my children. How can I change the registration on the certificate?
The Bank's registrar and Transfer Agent, Computershare Trust Company can provide guidance on the process for a change in registration and required endorsement on the back of the stock certificate before it is tendered to them for reissue with the new registration. Contact Computershare Trust Company toll free at 800-962-4284.

Q: I lost my stock certificate, how can I obtain a replacement?
Please contact Computershare Trust Company at 800-962-4284 to obtain a replacement certificate.

Q: Can I deposit my Founders Bancorp stock certificate into my brokerage account?
Yes, your broker can add the certificate to your account, and we generally recommend that stock certificates be deposited with a brokerage to avoid the risk of loss of the certificate.

Q: How can I change my address on my stock certificate?
Please contact Computershare Trust Company at 800-962-4284 with your new address and phone number. Or, if your shares are held in a brokerage account, please notify your broker of your change of address.
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