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Using your Founders Community Bank Debit Card is a great way to access your accounts with us and avoid the risk associated with carrying large quantities of cash. However, please be aware that certain usage of your debit card, especially transactions completed while traveling internationally, are often an invitation to identity thieves and may result in fraudulent account activity. Account monitoring greatly reduces these types of occurrences and your assistance could help us to further limit this type of activity. Safeguards you can use to protect yourself include:
  • Be aware of your surroundings when using your debit card
    • If an ATM looks suspicious don't use it.
    • If a website doesn't look authentic avoid it.
  • Regularly monitor your account activity by reviewing your monthly bank statements
    • Sign up for on-line banking (it's free) as a simple way to monitor
      your account activity.
    • Do not use guest hotel computers to access your online banking account.
      There is no method to safely ensure these computers have not
      been compromised.
    • Immediately report any suspicious activity to the bank.
If you are planning to travel outside of California, and especially when travelling internationally, please be sure to contact the bank at 805-543-6500, prior to your departure date to ensure we are aware of your itinerary and your anticipated account activity.

    No monitoring system can be completely failsafe when it comes to preventing identity theft.   However every effort is being made to detect possible fraudulent activity that may be occurring.   You should know that use of your debit card while traveling out of the area or internationally may be denied if potential fraudulent activity is detected.   It is not our intention to cause any inconvenience to you while travelling, but we hope that these measures will protect your financial safety.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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